Services and Products

BONZA offers consultancy services along with supply of plants. 
Please contact us to find out how we can help you. 


* Banana Agronomy 

Bananas can grow well in parts of New Zealand, mostly in the north and eastern parts of the North Island but can also be found in other suitable micro-climates such as Taranaki. They have a specific set of requirements and these must be met in order to produce high quality fruit on a commercial scale. If your plants are not performing well contact David for help.

* Plantation Advice  

There are many factors to consider when establishing a plantation. Getting it right first time saves money and reduces the likely hood of failure, or, of a poorly performing plantation. Advice can be provided for both conventional and organic systems.

* Plant Supply

We can supply field grown plants in limited quantities along with potted plants from our production facility. Please enquire for variety availability. Planting season is November through to February. We can take orders in the off season to plant Nov-Feb. For an order to the South Island we will only ship plants via a courier and up to 55cm size and will pack bare rooted.

* Distribution and Marketing

We have distribution and marketing channels in place with established wholesalers and retailers. High quality fruit will enter the fresh fruit channels with other fruit being utilised for processing. In all cases fruit needs be of an acceptable quality.

* Partnerships

We are keen on developing partnership with growers, wholesalers, retailers, research institutes and suppliers. We are particularly interested in partnering with Maori to assist them to better utilise their land and develop enduring businesses leading to improved social outcomes.