Plant Sales

Please note, prices do not include gst, packaging and freight.

The cost of an order is based on plant variety and freight costs which are calculated on plant size, quantity and destination.

Delivery can be made using couriers or our spring/summer delivery service which will be provided at competitive rates. With respect to our delivery service, owing to access restrictions for our truck and trailer we may not be able to deliver door to door. We will however endeavour to deliver to the nearest suitable location and arrange date and time for delivery of each plant order. Alternatively, arrangements can also be made to collect plants. Please advise your preferred method for delivery or to collect by email.

The following banana plants are listed for sale from November through the summer season until February. If growing in a greenhouse or similar we can supply potted plants all year round.  For an order to the South Island we will only ship plants via a courier, up to 55cm and will pack bare rooted. This is because freight costs have risen considerably this year and our regular courier is no longer able to assist us.

Plants are available either as stems or potted. For potted stock the following sizes are available:

Small:       17 cm pots. up to 0.5m in height

Medium:   23 cm pots, 0.5m - 1m in height

Large:       28cm pots. 1.0m – 1.5m in height

Specimen potted Banana up to 2.5m 


The time of year to plant bananas outdoors is from mid-spring into the warmer months and

there will be plenty of stock for most varieties. Planting during the colder months means you

run the risk of losing your plants owing to lack of root growth and root rot.




  • These plants are hardy and vigorous with smaller, sweet fruit. They can grow to a height of 5 metres and may produce large bunches. These are most commonly grown in New Zealand with mostly short, fat fruit and thin skins.
  • Originating from China and made popular around the world by William Cavendish. These have a typical banana taste with Dwarf Cavendish and Grand Nain being the main varieties grown under cover.
  • In New Zealand we have the following varieties: Goldfinger, Mona Lisa, Sweetheart, Bonanza and High Noon.The fruit are creamy with a distinct tangy taste and variable in size depending upon growing conditions and variety.
  • Non fruiting plants used for landscaping and gardens to provide a characteristic tropical ambience.
  • Bunch covers and tools. The tools are designed for commercial purposes to enable plantation owners to easily fit bunch covers.